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Admitted, that would be fun. Nope, it even would be cool. It would be the only right thing to do. And you could like fly all over the praisen land hand in hand with skinkie. And you both could like check out and see that there are pretty much pretty z.e.r.o. n.a.d.a. n.i.e.n.t.e. n.i.x. star wars folkies are around here.

And what is more manly? the girly no-swearfilter-thing -- or -- bypassing the swearfilter and feel really funky, tight, illegal and underground PLUS make all those dnmbfncks wonder how the fnck is he doing this?

Err.. and you really hate them for that you could do what you do?

On the other hand.. give the gnawer a life. Make him a moderator. I promise i'd bump up every thread for him just to make him happy because he can edit every single post in it and then close it. It's like infinite opportunities. He could like join everything into one giant monkey thread and then split it again to make every post a single thread.

I'll tell you something, Gerbil: I'll help you. I'll help you to make this thread work.
This will do the magic: -> People who ask for being a moderator never ever become a moderator.

Good luck my furry internet-friend!

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