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Ok folks I have a few pics from my collection and will be getting more soon. I forgot to add one to the list last round so lets do that first, Ill scan the purcell page from it ASAP.
"Superman the man of steel gallery" page 21, pretty cool superman drawing. Also he did a
pic in a comic called "Paper museum" look below.

ok now for the scans, know that photobucket makes them horrid compared to the scans so if you need or want larger better versions email or message me.

Wizard 97 november

Fox Kids Mag covers

Paper museum

Nocturnals Troll bridge (Back cover)
evil and groovy :P love the toybox stuff

Rare Storyboard from unmade Cartoon
(not drawn by purcell but by animator in canada
this was for the next season of the S&M cartoon that was never made.

A new shirt I got from the P man himself along with some art he drew for me
god i love this next one

Also these are Avalon Hill's RuneQuest covers and a magazine called different worlds. Im looking to find any of these and I am also trying to get bigger, better pics of them too.

Different Worlds #37Nov/Dec 1984 (Purcell Cover)

Genertela, Crucible of the Hero Wars (1988) (Purcell Cover)

Into the Troll Realms (1988) (Purcell Cover)

Apple Lane (1987) (Purcell Cover)
NO PIC - need one ASAP :P

Gloranthan Bestiary (1987) (Purcell Cover)

Snake Pipe Hollow (1987) (Purcell Cover)

Well more to come and if you need anymore scans LET ME KNOW :P also if u have any info on more stuff NOT listed let gerbil or myself know !
Hero comics are on the way too. 1-6 Ill let u know.
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