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I am recieving an error when trying to run the write function macro as follows:

Microsoft Visual Basic:
Run-Time error '53':

File not found: TLBINF32


I am using Microsoft office 2000 Premium (Excel) with SR-1. I can open the .2DA files but when I try to write them I recieve the error as mentioned above. My Sys Specs:

Win XP Home SP2
AMD Athalon 2200+ 1.8 GHz
ATI 9550 128 bit 256 MB (Bios flashed to 9600 Pro 256 MB)
SB Audigy 2 LE 24 bit sound
All Latest updates for all.

I would love to be able to use this tool, yet I do not know why I am experiencing this. Any ideas, suggestions?

Edit*BTW great work on the tool, and thanks. Other than above it is superb.

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