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Originally posted by Darkkender
I'm starting to think with the proper usage of scripting we can write our own include files that provide the ability to use custom 2da files.
I doubt this is possible in KotOR beyond altering the 2DA files already used by some scripting functions. Unfortunately the Get2DAString() function in NWN NWScript is not present in the KotOR variant. NWScript has undergone a fair number of changes in the NWN --> KotOR transition.

Originally posted by Darkkender

Also I would be interested in figuring out how the game would recognize ".HAK" files and having them in the proper overide system. If we can do this it may take KOTOR I & II modding to a whole new level.
Unless you are making your own modules, using hakpaks would be of limited use, since they need to be specified for each module that use the content within them.
The hakpak filename has to be set in the Mod_Hak field in the module.ifo file for all modules using it. They don't work on the global scope like the Override folder does.

Provided that the hakpak functionality still remains available in the KotOR engine, that is. I haven't tested it.

(Hakpaks are the preferred means in NWN of storing custom content (models, tilesets etc) associated with specific individual modules. They are essentially just ERF files with a .hak suffix placed in the "hak" folder.)

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