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Originally posted by VikingLarz
Regardless though you get to play games on your job. That ROCKS!
I think I can foresee my next job...

As for LSW, I have played the GBA version. It's okay, but just a little better than Jedi Power Battles. It's fun to play, but just not worth it. Some levels are easy peezy, if you're a Jedi, but playing as Padmé, Jar-Jar, R2-D2 etc. is horrible. R2-D2 cannot shoot and Jar-Jar's only special power is high-jump. He can shoot little, bouncy balls which are like, uber-weak. If you hate Jar-Jar and don't want to destroy your surroundings in anger, don't play this game. The game isn't too cool, either. You don't have many diffrent moves to perform, but the game is still okay.

Rating: 7 (Good, unless you want uber-cool gaming)

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