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is anybody else kinda saddened that both the tv series and the cartoon are going to be based off the prequal trilogies. I love the prequal trilogy timeline don't get me wrong. I also love that the clone wars cartoons are going to continue in some form, but i kinda wish we could see something during the original trilogy.

its been so long since i've read or seen something new that involved the rebels vs. the empire. It just be nice to see something that takes place at the same time as the original trilogies.

not to mention they have a great non main character they could base it on, dash rendar. consider this is the beginning of the movement to get a dash rendar show. to join the movement please send me money, i won't do anything to try and get a dash rendar show with the money, but the money will cushion the sadness of no new dash rendar stories for me.

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