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Originally posted by LukeKatarn
Well Boba ends up sounding like Jango YEARS AND YEARS later
This is because, after Jango's death, Boba listened to many recordings that Jango made, and was inspired to take the place of his gene-father. This means he would adopt Jango's kick-ass accent.

Originally posted by LukeKatarn
and the Clones in AotC sound like Jango. But it could be due to what they specelize in, what enviroment they wee hatched in, etc.. And there can always be defective parts of the cloneing process: That being voice.
The training of the clones was all supervised by Jango, so I'd assume that the clones got exposed to his accent quite a bit. I guess they just thought "well I guess this is the guy we're supposed to be like" and, like Boba, adopted his accent.

But the commandos could very well have wanted to individualize themselves, hence their own personal design on their armor, and all but Boss would adopt their own accent. The Clone Troopers in the game don't sound like Jango because the devs probably wouldn't want the wimpy guys sounding like Boss.
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