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Originally posted by Jan Gaarni
It's probably EU. Like the Ewok series for instance.

The Holocron wasn't created to say what book, novel, game, film etc. is G-Level or C-level or whatever level they use, but each and every single reference within said book, film, game, etc....
A good point to remember. Parts of the Star Wars Holiday Special for example, might be G-Level canon, while a larger portion of it has become N-Level canon (supposedly).

The term "EU" is really not that useful when it comes to this, because it stands for "Expanded Universe" and quite literally means all the storys in Star Wars other than the movies themselves. With the C-Level (Continuity) and G-Level (George Lucas) Canon, you at least have the heirarchy of "authority" as to what is "real" in the series.

The point is to determine where the story goes from here. The trouble is that Lucas himself can do whatever he wants, including contradict old sources and rewrite them (as he's done with his constant revisions to the OT for example). The rest of the franchise just has to play catch up. Oh well, it's been this way for almost a decade now!

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