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Ok, I guess you need more details.
You get to play as a whole bunch of characters from WarCraft3 like a Demon Hunter, or a Night elf Archer, or a Lich, or death knight, or a Dreadlord.
You get to fight things like, Infernals, Doom Gaurds, Archimond, and other denizens of WarCraft3.
You get to play with awesome swords like Frostmourne.
The force power effects will be changed into more magical powers.
The startup screen, loading screen will be changed into a more warcraft3 style.
there will be maps based off of the locations in Warcraft3, such as a large deomn filled inferno, an icy cold place, kalimdor... etc.
Anyone want to help now?

For more info go to

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