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Full motion video corruption

I recently downloaded the demo for Grim Fandango. I'd meant to buy it back in '98, but somewhere in those seven years I forgot.

Anyway, the game works fine except for the full motion video, such as the LucasArts logo at the beginning, what I presume is a sort of title screen, and things such as Manny's shadow and when the lift type thing up from the subterranean room Eva and Salvador are in descends after you leave.

Technically the game is playable. I can move Manny around fine, talk to people, pick things up, etc, but the corruption experienced with the FMV is very irritating, and if I'm going to buy the full version of the game, I'd want a way to correct this.

I've read the other threads, and tried to disable hyperthreading, but I couldn't find the option in BIOS to do so.

I'd really appreciate any help.

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