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((Hell no you're not. XD

Just because I can't post as often doesn't mean I'm not going to post anymore

Plus, I have far too many plans for these RPGs to abandon them just because they're slow and I'm busy. ^_^

In fact, I have time to post right now XD (although I'm gonna hold on Cantina for the time being since Cracken CLAIMED he would reply soon a couple days ago... >_>)

Also, JM? The tank-man isn't holding Matt anymore XD))

Through the Portals

*Armored androids, directed by gray-outfitted humanoids, attach Ellela to an upright, robotic stretcher similar to the ones Gortick, Matt and Aidan are attached to. She is pinned immobile.

One of the gray-outfitted humanoids barks orders in an alien language. Aren interrupts him*

Aren: Oh, there's no need to put the captives in containment yet. Why don't you send them along with me?

*The gray-outfitted humanoid looks at Aren incredulously, and answers in the alien language. Aren's reply, strangely, has undertones of the same alien language but is perfectly understandable to Ellela and the others*

Aren: Because I'm in charge. I seriously doubt they could pose a threat like this. Besides, we wouldn't want them to be bored, now would we?

*The gray-outfitted humanoid looks wary, but turns to bark different orders to the androids*

Aren: *smiling at Ellela and Matt; Gortick and Ellela Aidan being still unconscious; her language now losing the undertones of the alien tongue, sounding like natural if accented Basic* I imagine you have to be curious about all this. Frankly, I'm curious too. About you.

edited because Ellela is not Aidan

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