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Re: KotOR II > KotOR

Originally posted by fLyLiKeThEhAwK3
I have beaten KotOR at least ten times, and I continue to play it weekly/monthly. Needless to say I love the characters and the game as a whole.

With that said however, I like KotOR II much more. KotOR II has a far superior story and much more interesting characters. The way KotOR II finished is spectacular because they made the gamer decide what happened next.

KotOR II > KotOR

They are two of the ten best games I've ever played though, easily.
Dude, Even though it gives us the opportiunity to finish the game, KOTOR 3 SHOULD be made. But this time, they should give the devs the time they need. They rushed KOTOR 2 and, well, while I am still undecided about which one is better, II really needed more work done. I mean, they should have done all the things the game missed and tweak the ending, making it cool and STILL leaving the window open for III. It is almost confirmed they will do it, so lets just sit, chat, have a cofee, and wait for the great finale. (And I sure hope BioWare makes III, dude, really, you gotta see Jade Empire. If they improve even more the engine, 3 will be the greatest thing E V E R !)
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