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Lightbulb what i've found

Ok... after waiting three Jedi patient months for a patch--and of all the numerous things I'd love to see fixed before full release--here's what I've found to be must fixes, (please!):

- Game still crashes to desktop at random. There's no windows error reporting box to close anymore. And, I don't have to reboot my win xp machine in order to restart game and join multiplayer. "Almost there!"

- Autoaim is still on! Hey, I love using my controllers (mouse and Logitech Wingman Strike Force 3D ---> lotsa buttons ) Please take this out of multiplayer!

- 1st person/3rd person view changes frequently without user input. Very prevalent in the snow speeder and starships. Badness... nothing more dangerous then tow roping an ATAT and all the sudden my view is switched. I have my change view set to Joy button 10... which is on my second Hat... so I'm not accidently hitting it.

And, it probably won't ever happen... but, I wish someone would go ahead and add voice chat some day. There's nothing more frustrating for me as a gunner in an ATAT/ATST, than having a human pilot turn away from the action! It doesn't help at all to send a text chat message. And for anyone mentioning "But, you can use teamspeak or other 3rd party program..." No regular players are going to do that on a wide scale. They will "If" you put it in the game.


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