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God damnit, I hate the people that read the book before the movie, especially this one. No offence meant, just, don't spoiler me, it already happened by a friggin moron at school that was reading it and YELLED, at the top of his lungs, OMG! *insert spoiler here*! I slapped the bejesus out of him for it.

And I thought you were going spoiler free as well.

As for me, I just got a new cheap cd player, basic.

I also scored an old but still alright computer and the copy of Win 98 for it, all I need is a HD. There's one I'm getting hopefully by the end of the week at fries for 50 bucks, but then mail in rebate get's me 15 back

It's not good by todays standards, but it's better than the crap fest I have right now in my room.

EDIT:And how could I forget, my tickets to the midnight showing of RotS

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