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Originally posted by Kurgan

The term "EU" is really not that useful when it comes to this, because it stands for "Expanded Universe" and quite literally means all the storys in Star Wars other than the movies themselves.
If that's true then they must have changed the policy in recent years and bumped down the script, movie novels and radio drama's into what we in the past would have considered to be EU.

On the other hand, that would mean everything is canon (except for fan fiction etc...), divided into 2 catagories (G and C levels). I have no trouble with this, it means that if it's G-level or C-level it's part of Star Wars and cannot be disregarded no matter what anyone personally think. But it does make it harder to argue what is correct and what is not. The star destroyer dome issue for instance comes to mind.

Personally though, I've stopped caring as passionatly anymore.

Whatever they decide what is what I'll wait and see and then relearn Star Wars from scratch.

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