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Angry Express your hate for the final level

I know this thread isn't a help or hint, but it does contain spoilers, so I felt it best to keep it in this forusm.

Anyway, man I hated that level! Probably the worst way to end one of the most fun and original games I played in a long time.

1) You're effectively on a time limit for the whole level. Whether it's getting to Olie before he gets killed or escaping the water, you're rushed for the entire level. Being on a time limit in a game where exploration is a primary focus is a bad thing. I know you can go back, but I just hate being rushed in a platformer.

2) It can be frustratingly difficult, nuff said.

3) It's ugly. I understand a meat/circus nightmare isn't supposed to be attractive, but it's ugly even within that context. There's verly little detail and the whole thing is just bland.

4) I don't particuarly enjoy the sound of someone hawking up a loogy in real life - do you think want to hear it every 5 seconds for 10-20 minutes? I had to turn my speakers off because the stupid sound effect for the sword spitters was so unbearable.

It's truely sad the the final level isn't representative of the quality of rest of the game. Thans for letting me vent about it though
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