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Chapter 2

(Major Bumpage)

As we entered the councillors chamber they were startled at our speed of entering. "What brings you here at such great speed?" said the eldest member Master Denmar. "The...Chiss..are here" I said panting. "Really?" said Denmar. "Yes. And they have a new technology. A technology that makes our lightsabers usless against there melee weapons" said Zala. "Ah I see. We have seen this for a long time. But we did not know when it you come. I want you and Zala to go to the Chiss homeworld" said Denmar once again.

Zala and I walked out of the chamber and headed for the hangar. I went to docking bay Z-21 while Zala went to docking bay Z-25. As I entered the bay I found my ship. A sith fighter which had crashed on Dantooine when I was very young. I repaired it myself. I got into the fighter and took off. I saw Zala's ship on my radar. She was right behind me. We entered hyperspace as soon as we left Dantooine's atmosphere.

After 5 minutes of travelling through hyperspace we reached the Chiss homeworld. Our plan was too land at two seperate places and infiltrate the estimated main manufacturor of the technology. As I headed down I noticed the place where we were supposed to get inside. It was a huge complex. I landed my fighter in a clearing in a forest.

(Sorry about the shortness of this chapter but I am really tired. It's around 1 in the morning.)

Chapter 3:"What are the sith doing here?"

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