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Tutorial--How to apply paint scheme's with Droid Armors.

Original Thread

Well this has been along time coming. This will be a multi-part segment breaking down the entire process to make it easy for everybody.

PART 1: editing your Baseitems.2da file

The first 2 sets of columns you will want to change are "modeltype" and "partenvmap" as these are rather simple. The default value is "0" you want to change this to "1".

The next field you can change I believe is more optional. I don't recall there being any difference when I changed them but it just made more sense to have a default value that is not "I_Null". The field I am refering to is the "defaultmodel" field. I changed each line to the default icon for it's item type.

Here are a before and after screenie of the above 3 changes.


The final field to change if the "bodyvar" field. The default value is "****". We need to change it to an apropriate "modeltype" column in "appearance.2da"(This will be covered in Part 2 editing appearance.2da). For the purposes of my original mod and this tutorial we will keep it simple I changed the "bodyvar" value too "B" for light droid armor, too "C" for medium droid armor, and "D" for heavy droid armor.

You can refer to the following screenshots for these changes to compare.


So it is rather simple for the changes in baseitems.2da. The Next segment will be editing your appearance.2da file. I do hope this will be helpful to anybody planning to make use of this type of mod.

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