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PART 2: editing appearance.2da

Ok the first part of adjusting and editing the appearance.2da file. The first field we will be changing in there is "racetex" we actually want to set this to the default "****" setting. Some of the droids such as HK have a texture here is why.

Here are some screenshots.

The next field we want to change is "modeltype". The default setting for most droids is "F" some have type "L". However to be able to have new skins we will need to change this to "B" for the setting.

The next fields we will change are the model fields:


there default settings are "****". We need to change this to the name of your droids base model. The name of the model can be found in the "race" column which is the 3rd column in on appearance.2da.

Next we change the texture fields attached to these models.


They are also set to the default "****" setting. We want to change "texa" entry to the name of your model plus a "_" at the end. Example T3's entry would look like this "P_T3M4_". This is a must as this tells the game to use the default skin on the base model without having to rename it.

The next texture columns "texb", "texc", & "texd" need only to add a numeric value on so that you can differentiate between the columns. Example I set T3's entries as follows. "texb"=="P_T3M4_02", "texc"=="P_T3M4_03", & "texd"=="P_T3M4_04".

Here are some screenshot showing my example:
Before part 1
Before part 2
After part 1
After part 2

That's it that is all that must be done to the appearance.2da file. Next how to name your texture files.

PART 3: Naming textures.

This is so simple there is no screenshots and only requires a couple of lines.

In Part 2 we covered setting different names in the "texb", "texc", & "texd". Here we take the names we set here and add a 2 digit numerical value. The easist method is to start at "01". Example we named T3's "texb" entry "P_T3M4_02". So this means we want to name the texture file with the tga exstention "P_T3M4_0201.tga". We follow the same naming conventions for each of the texture types.

The next part coming soon changing your UTI files.

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