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PART 4: changing your UTI files.

Ok this is also relatively simple. First we will compare a droid armor uti to a standard uti. Take notice standard armors have 2 extra fields "body variation" and "texture variation".

here are some screenshots :

Armor UTI
Droid Armor UTI

Ok what we want to do is open the armor UTI file and the Droid armor UTI file side by side. In the Armor UTI file set all of the fields that match the fields in the Droid Armor UTI file to match with the exception of the model variation field. The model variation field must remain "0" in our new droid armor UTI. Next set the body variation and texture variation field to the number that coresponds to the droid armor's model variation field. Example In the pictures following I have shown HK's special droid armor d_hk47_02.uti.

Original droid armor UTI
New droid armor UTI
Comparison of differences in the UTI's

As you will notice these are in GFF editor form this is due to the bugs still floating around in KOTOR tool's uti editor. You will notice in the "New Droid Armor UTI" file that there is no model variation field. This is because regular armor does not use this field it uses body and texture variation. Which means for the purposes of having droid armors change skins you do not need this field any longer.

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