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I agree completely. This level is making me pull my hair out. I'm not much of a platform or action gamer, but I was a big LucasArts graphic adventure fan back in the day so I had to check out Tim Schaefer's new game. It's been fantastic so far, but now that I'm at the end and it's become SO action oriented, my enjoyment of the game is being sucked out (at least for this moment).

Anyway, I need help with the water/acrobat scene. I can get to the point where Raz's father is juggling. When you jump on him he juggles you up in the air, then what? I try to float down I wind up in the water. I might be able to float back to the grids I was on before I jumped to Raz's father. What the hell am I trying to get to when Raz's father juggles me up? I'm having trouble getting to that point as it is, since any minute little mistep sends me plunging into the water. (This is INCREDIBLY frustrating for me since I don't play action games much) When I have gotten up there, I can't seem to see any platforms to get onto, and I seem to only get one toss up before I am plunging back into the water again. I think I'm panicking when I have the chance now because I want to get it right so bad, so I might be missing something pretty obvious. Please help!

When I finally got passed the Little Ollie bit, I was more relieved than satisfied. It's going to be the same thing with this level. I'll just be glad to get it over with.

EDIT: Never mind guys, I got past it. I almost slipped back in the water climbing up that ladder too. Man I swear I would have had to break something. I feel drained...

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