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Revenge of the Sith

((This will play thru episode 3))

Clone Wars

Three years into the war the fight between the Separtists and the Republic reaches climax. A large Repuplic force that was headed in hyperspace along the Perlemian trade route has accidently stumbled upon some sort of seperatist invasion force who were just coming thru the Hydrian way on their way to Coruscant. The Republic force had no choice to force the seperatists to land at the nearest planet, Alderaan.

Name: Relic
Side: Republic
Class: ARC trooper
Appearance: Yellow and Black New Clone Outfit
Weapons: DC-15 Blaster rifle and thermal detonaters
Background: Relic was one of the first ARC troopers commisioned and was recently gicen his name because he is old for a clone and has seen many battles.

Relic landed hard on the a grassy surface of Alderaan. His gunship carreened into a nearby outcropping of rocks. The three tripod fighters that shot it down flew over and started shooting at some republic V-Wings. He was slightly uncomfortable in his new clone armor but managed to head up a large hill to witness a Trade Federation Core Ship crash into a large lake. The shock almost sent him to the ground. He pondered how the Seperatists could have made this far into the core, his thinking was cut off by blaster fire downslope.

((10 DAYS TILL EP 3))

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