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Originally posted by InsaneSith
I think that was just his eye bit raised out.
Could be, could be. But I think it was included as a choice because he considered it to be.

Originally posted by InsaneSith
In AoTC, when Obi-Wan send the message to Anakin, and A New Hope, he basically acts as one when playing the message for Obi.
Artoo doesnt transmitt anything in either of those cases. In AOTC, R4 transmitts the message to Anakin, and it is retransmitted to Coruscant using the ship's comm equipment. And when he plays the message for Obi-Wan, all he does is play back a recording. I don't record my voice, play it back and claim to be broadcasting on the radio.l

Yeah, you'd think the Emperor had come back to life or something.
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