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Shok_Tinoktin is the actual correct one. I tried to make it a little tricky because it was R4 (I believe) who was attached to Obi Wan's starfighter that used a holonet transmitter. R2 was scanning the holonet receiver on board the Naboo ship on Tatooine, but he was using his scomp link interface.

A. Jetpack/rockets were used in AOTC
B. Catapult/projectile launcher was used on Jabba's skiff to launch Luke's lightsaber to him
C. Holonet transmitter - not used
D. Short range scanner - ESB to scan for life
E. Parascope - ESB on dagobah swamp, ROTJ when submerged below sand.
F. Restraining Bolt - used on R2 in ANH and ROTJ
G. Grappler - Used in AOTC to drag 3PO's head on Geonosis.


A: General Veers was the Imperial commander of the ground assault during the Battle of Hoth. He was in command of Blizzard 1, and ordered the destruction of the Echo Base shield generators. In spite of being a subject of Admiral Ozzel (whom Vader hated) General Veers was confident around Vader and acted in pure competence, which is rare among Imperial commanders.

I hope this is what you are looking for.

Q: Name Jedis in the movies who disappeared when they died.

Bonus: Name Jedis that didn't.

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