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quite well, actually. i'm gettting an average of about 5-12 fps more than with the standard 5.4 Catalyst drivers on my overclocked R9700 Pro.

but don't think that will be universal. i've chosen the Omega drivers over the OEM drivers because it runs better on my machine. to see if the Omega's run better on your machine, i'd suggest doing some benchmarking to see how they hold up.

for Kotor & TSL benchmarking, i load up a save where my character is fighting a lot of enemies at one time for the high particle count test, a save on Dantooine for the, umm, Dantooine benchmark (that module has its own problems), and finally a module with relatively nothing in it (an empty module i saved in my modules folder). then i use FRAPS to log and calculate my framerate scores.

its not the most accurate way of benchmarking the Kotor games (since its not rendering the exact same thing each time), but it does give you a general idea if any modifications that you just did are having any effect on the framerate.

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