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lol the highest fps i ever get is in menu screens... (non game) at 215 yay while actually playing ( I loaded several different saves in different areas and surroundings) and not once did I hit over 40, and in alot of areas I hit 8-15 rather consistently which of course sucks... 30-40 is ok... its not great but it beats the pants offa 10

but my comp sucks anyway

p4 2.4, R9200 128MB, 512 ram.. I'm using the 5.4 cata with the 4.11 OGL in the kotor2 directory as well as the vertex buffer=1 bit.
I haven't overclocked my card due only to the fact that if I damage it I won't be able to replace it for at least a month

I'm grabbing another 512 ram and a geforce 6600 GT in august.. damn my broke self
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