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Okay first time I played the damn thing it took me 30 hrs of no sleep and a lot of the afgan's finest crop to complete. My intial thoughts where somthing along the line of this
"that was a pretty f'ing sweet game. Yeah sure there was lots of running around but that was to be expected...But some of the action is on the fine line between brutal and hardcore.
And how about the civil war the first time you do that? Cool.
That was as a LS watchman. And the ending was the only thing to dissapoint me.
Having since done it as a DS Force Master. (which I would advise to anyone who loves beating the sith out of there opponents) I love the extent that OS went to with the diffrence in the LS and DS missions, I dont think that anyone has given them credit for that yet. If not may I be the first to say "Guy's, jolly well done."
HOWEVER...the ending was yet again a bit like McGoven's 72 presdential campaign. All Talk and no pants.
Now knowing what I know now about the work conditions impossed upon OS by "Big Unkel George": tradmark Lucas Film. And that the game is not complete, no matter how many mods the P.C. users get, I and the legion of X-Box users who also bought the game have a cat in hells chance seeing all the movies. And that is what a game like this is about for me, closure.
But enough about me and more on my righteous opnion of this game... I enjoyed it and I still am ...on my 4th play as a female jedi weapons master... who says a guy cant have a softer side?

Out of 10? It would be a 10...but the missing stuff, which you can read about else where knocks it down to a... (oh, this is a bit of a harsh number) 7

That is all.

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