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Hey I have some great ideas for your mod.

Firstly about identificatiom in SP your commandos right? There is hardly anything about commandos in EU or movies sooo... why not just make something up??? It could be Imperial remanent or something like in JK3 and JO. It dosen't say that the whole empire was wiped out in the end does it? It just kinda stops after the Yuzang Vong part. So why not make this after that so you can freely add new things, ect.

Also I think you should have more infiltration and stealth missions, eg. hacking into the republic central computer and deleting inteligence reports. I also think there should be one mission where your base gets attacked by republic troops and you have to help defend it.

RC gets really boring with only 4 C's so i think there should be 6... Just an idea.

Veichles would be really cool to. Like you could have a mission where you have to locate an At-At that was damaged at the battle of hoth, and you have to blow off all the snow with explosives and obtain a datapad of the highest ranking officer at the battle. Of course there would only be monsters and no enemy soldiers here but it would still be cool.

I like missions with lots of friendly NPC's that acctually help you before they die so maybe there could be a large battle mission at the end of the game where you have to fight with other stormtroopers against republic troops and the stormtroopers would be as strong as the enemy so they acctually helped...
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