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A4 was patrolling the suburbs with some of his pals, trying to hunt down the last of ther resistance in this city. They were lead by a tough robot, 03-X2. He was rumored to be one of the first prototypes, and one of the first to go crazy. Anyway, he was an expert killer and A4 was proud to serve under him.

Suddenly, A4 got a signal from Q1. 'Lost track of unit 78-M5. Last signal received 0.03 kilometers northeast from our position. Possible malfunction. go there and verify this.' 'Unit A4 here.' A4 replied. 'I'm on my way.'

A4 neared 78-M5's last known position. A back alley with a dumpster in it. 78-M5's scrap metal was lying on the ground. A4 readied his machinegun and ducked behind a corner, waiting for some humans to pop up...
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