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(fine. Here's a new character bio then

Bio:T3 is a miltary droid created for the police. He was installed with non-lethal stun cannons, freexing beam and a few other stuff but a traitor in hte company changed them to lethal. Then he changed T3's behavior core to hostile. T3 killed that traitor and hacked into the motherboard that controlled most of robots and made them turn on their masters. He thinks humans svae the robots and they should slave robots.

He was installed with a alot better battory core, he is solar powered during the day and in the night he uses energy he gathered in the day.

Primary:Sholder cannon. Hacking device on right arm.
Secondary: Shot gun

He looks a bit better
T3 walked through bristol streets. Bristol has completely under robot controll. Robots were patrolling the streets, sky and even the sewers. Buildings were smashed, burning, burnt,colapsing. The air was full of dust and smoke.
T3-01 was head of the assalt on bristol and other cities in the south of england.

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