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((Interesting idea... and I've got an interesting idea for it...))

Name: Kate Reynolds
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Bio: Kate went to one of the best software programming schools in America. After moving to England, she helped design the programming of the robots that have just gone bad. She was given a robot of her own for her work. When the other robots turned on their creators, Kate's did not. She had modified it too much for it to be turned.

Robot: PS-01
Name: Jim
Bio: Created specifically for Kate Reynolds, Jim was a rather unusual robot from the start. Kate's modifications altered him so much that the reprogramming job done to most other robots didn't affect him. Despite any attempts of robots to turn him, Jim remains loyal to his owner and the fact that she is still alive is only because of her robot's unswerving loyalty.


"See anything?" Kate asked. She and Jim sat on the roof of her house. Jim held a high powered machine gun and Kate held a shotgun. They'd been on the roof for eight hours... ever since a reprogrammed robot had attempted to turn Jim and kill Kate.

"Not even my heat sensors detect the warmth of a nearby battery-operated creature," Jim answered. "Even the battery from the one you shot in the house has gone cold."

"How much longer before you need to recharge?" Kate asked, scanning the street below. Jim gave the robotic equivalent of a laugh.

"Many more hours," he said. "Thanks to you, I am a very energy efficient creation."

"And thanks to you," Kate laughed, "I am not a dead human being."

"Then we owe each other our very special lives," Jim said. He saw a trace of movement on the street. Another robot. So like him and yet so unlike him. With a static sound intended to be a sigh, Jim raised his gun and fired two shots with robotic precision. The other robot collapsed, head detached from body. Kate nodded in approval.

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