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Originally posted by Astrotoy7
yes, correct sithy Have the separate posters been released yet ? I am going to wait to get one of those.
I think they're in the art of revenge book. I'm not sure as I haven't been able to look at it yet.

Originally posted by Astrotoy7
Which ever numbskull photoshopped the two together really did not reproduce the very deliberate compositional symmetry that Struzan had with any of his previous paintings
I like the finished version they did for the soundtrack it looks a lot nicer without the orange and all those lens flares to the right of the helmet.

Originally posted by Astrotoy7
Q. What is different about the astromech called "R4" ??
Do you mean R4-G9 in Episode III? If so he/she (gender association hasn't been decided yet, as far as I know) is a droid that was designed by hyperspace members to appear in the new film. The colors are a copper and bronze mix for the dome and a standard white base.

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