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Hmm,... I'll think about your suggestions. I think I'll go right along with the movies though, so you would get to go on missions with other stormtroopers kind of like HALO only your the same as every one else. Plus, I will try to make the Clone AI in my mod better (from what I hear its pretty bad). On identification, I think we pretty much have that covered for now, I will give each stormtrooper cirtain details on their armor, and then you always have the HUD. And on your crave for more Spec Op missions, I will stick to the movies mostly, but what happens between them? The game will be pretty short with just playing the movie missions will it not? I was thinking of making a couple up just for the sake of making the game longer. Maybe something like a crashed ISD you have to recover some top secret info and its full of some of the unkown planets local's, because I want to find some way of using the geonosian animations and weapons some how.

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