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Originally posted by jedispy
In AOTC, R4 is an astromech droid that is all head and no body. It is literally attached to the starfighter that Obi Wan flew. In the original concept, LF was going to have it where R4 can pop out of its socket, and walk around with little legs/arms. However the idea was cut. Good thing to. That might have been stupid, kind of like Jar Jar.

Don't know if I'm right, so passing on a question
yes, thats right jedispy..... I dont see the big deal of R4 being a normal astromech tho ... definitely better than freakin jar jar !

I think R4 is damn cool.... watch him during the chase with slave I.... doesnt bitch, moan or whine like artoo does(and Im an artoo fan), R4 just gets on with the job - he's straight gangsta mack

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