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Originally posted by Doomie
OOC: actually I was talking about Jack and Jim from Curtman's post. But it works anyway...

IC: Not only did A4 manage to miss his targets, he noticed that the dumpster came flying straight back at him. He was hit, But survived thanks to his thick armor plating, thoguh it was heavily dented now. 'New target aquired.' He thought, as he climbed on a roof and jumped across the roofs towards his new enemies. 'What are you doing helping these weak flesh things, traitor?' he asked...

"If I recall properly," Jim answered, "you and your friends are the traitors. Humans built us at the start and Kate is more a friend to me than a master."

"I'd rather not have robots doing things they'd rather not do," Kate said. "Jim is my friend and we live in this house together. I make sure his battery pack doesn't run dead. In return, he helps me disable the robots that don't care to listen to my position on the subject."

"If you think we're lying and I'm her slave, consider this," Jim went on. "All three of us know I am much stronger than Kate, but she knows it better even than you. She has supplied me with many modifications, all of which allow me to operate better than when I was first created."

"His point," Kate concluded, "is that if I insisted on holding him as a slave, he could easily kill me and leave."

"And yet I do not," Jim said. He glanced briefly at Kate. "One of the reasons we now fight is that we disagree with your view. Fighting is not the only way to bring about what we all desire."

"Robots should be treated as sentient beings," Kate agreed. "I am willing to debate this in the courts until my death if I have any chance of success."

"With this information, I should think your attitude toward us has changed," Jim said, lowering his weapon. Kate did the same, indicating that, first, she trusted the other robot to agree and second, if he did not, Jim could protect her.

"Will you inform your friends of where we stand on this issue?" Kate asked.

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