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Originally posted by Konar
Darth Maul blinks only once in Episode I.

What planet did Boba Fett log into his co-ordinates upon leaving Cloud City?

A. Tatooine
B. Gall
C. Ord Mantell
D. Kessel

- right. I this may not be necessarily covered in Episode V, Empire Strikes Back or Episode VI, Return of the Jedi - but try your best!
anyone's first repsonse would be Tatooine... however, this falls in EU territory... I havent read SOTE for a long time so Im not sure where Fett went after Bespin....

Let us know the answer anyway Konar

jedispy, being the resident SOTE expert can perhaps fill us in too ?

* * *

New Question

Q. What is Kit Fisto's home planet ? What is special about his species ?
(hint: clone wars cartoon series questions are allowed, remember !)


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