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This was the last thing i bought:

I bought it to take into my exam. It obviously wasn't in a fancy glass like that or i would have been laughed at it was in a nice modest bottle.

It was lipton ice tea: mango flavour

on the whole it was quite refreshing and met my liquiditary needs for the exam. It tasted a bit like those red and yellow 1p fruit salad sweets but melted down and diluted.

I found it quite refreshing and tasy but not a life changing experience

unfortunatly after drinking half the bottle i encountered haribo syndrome where after excessive consumption of highly sweety goods and beverages they began to adopt a bitter taste to them.

i didnt finish the botle and it ended up in the bin after the exam.

a good effort though by the iced tea people though it should have tasted more like tea

final score 5/10

conclusion buy a coke or sprite or bottle of water or something.
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