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Viper Squadron

Viper Squadron is a B-Win squadron for the rebel alliance. They are the best B-Wing pilots out there, and were trained for taking out important, heavily guarded transports. Right now they are pursuing two imperial transports, loaded with 5,000 E11 Carbines, which are being shipped to a barracka on Tatooine, near the rebel settlement of Anchorhead. If the weapons are succesfully brought there, Anchorhead will be under great threat. The transports are guarded by 3 squads of TIE Interceptors. Thats where we are gonna start off, but the story can change, it all depends on the RP.

So you can either be a Rebel or Imperial pilot.

Please fill in:
__________________________________________________ __

Name: Theo Thunderwalker
Faction: Rebel
Rank: Lieutenant

Theo activated his concetrated radar screen. The transport appeared with about 4 dozen interceptors around ot. He turned on his comm, "This Viper-5, ready for attack." He then switched on his heavy-laser turrets on his B-Wing. He pulled down the visor on his helmet, and shot forward.

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