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jedispy, being the resident SOTE expert can perhaps fill us in too ?
In SOTE, his first hyperspace jump was to Tatooine, but was ambushed by IG-88 in orbit. Knowing that the other bounty hunters (not to mention Rebels like Lando and Chewie) would be on the surface waiting for him, he fled to Gall where he knew he would be safe, and would get repairs for Slave 1. In EU, Boba Fett was often times protected, and sometimes favored, by the Empire. On Gall, he was confronted by Bossk and Zuckuss in a bar while Slave 1 was being repaired. 4-LOM tried to steal Han, but then the Rebels came. Boba Fett kills 4-LOM, and takes off. (The original game account has a fight with Dash Rendar here) Fett escapes. From there, he gets captured by Bossk's ship, and then escapes. Then he heads to Jabba's palace to turn in the prize.

<Jedispy exhales> PHEW!!

Sorry for the long winded explanation.

Back to business.
A: Kit Fisto is a Nautolan from Glee Anselm. Other than having head tails (similar to the Lekku of the Twi'leks) he is amphibious and can breathe air or under water, similar to Kaminoans, Quarrens, and Mon Calamari.

As a side note (I had to look this one up) I always wondered how he could swing his lightsaber through water so fast. It seemed to me that the water resistance would prevent such quick movement. Then I read this from the SW databank:
"He had perfected difficult Force techniques that manipulated the movement of water for defensive or offensive use."


I can't think of a question, so pass

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