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Re: Express your hate for the final level

I agree with your frustration, and the annoying sound loops just add to the overall hatred of the level. However, after I was finished I thought it was a pretty well designed level if not for the technical issues (excessive looping audio, unfair control play)

Originally posted by stevedroid

1) You're effectively on a time limit for the whole level. Whether it's getting to Olie before he gets killed or escaping the water, you're rushed for the entire level. Being on a time limit in a game where exploration is a primary focus is a bad thing. I know you can go back, but I just hate being rushed in a platformer.
I agree with you on this. No enthusiastic fan likes to be rushed when trying to collect and explore a world. For the whole catching Olie and the bunny thing, you have two options. 1.) Complete this part and meet Olie at the front of the roller coaster, but don't get on it yet. Then go back to the beginning of the level and explore and collect to your hearts delight (in fact- I had to get rank 100. hint hint!) 2.) Collect all the figments in the area- blowing up the meat monsters before they get to Olie, before letting Olie get the bunny. Once Olie gets to the next level, you don't have time to collect anything on the lower level, because more and more meat monsters will be spawned each successive level- (my gawd, I was annoyed with Olie saying "Come here, little bunny! Dad's going to kill you! Ow! My face" over and over and over. I started to relish whenever the meat monsters actually killed him). Olie does regenerate his energy each time he flies up to the next level which helps quite a bit.

Originally posted by stevedroid
2) It can be frustratingly difficult, nuff said.
True dat.

Originally posted by stevedroid
3) It's ugly. I understand a meat/circus nightmare isn't supposed to be attractive, but it's ugly even within that context. There's verly little detail and the whole thing is just bland.
Don't agree with you there. Raz was raised in a circus, so I think a lot of people expected the last level to be the "Circus Finale". I think the main drawback here was that you couldn't explore this world as freely as the others because of the rushed time frame, and unfair enemies at every corner.

Originally posted by stevedroid
4) I don't particuarly enjoy the sound of someone hawking up a loogy in real life - do you think want to hear it every 5 seconds for 10-20 minutes? I had to turn my speakers off because the stupid sound effect for the sword spitters was so unbearable.
Agreed. I think there were too many sword spitters, and their accuracy was annoyingly unfair. Especially on the roller coaster. What are the chances they could hit a moving target at those speeds... And in regards to the other looping dialog like Raz's father saying the same line over and over- I don't know if the game ran into a tigher budget or was rushed to a deadline during the development of this part, but it seems that not enough voice dialog was recorded in this part. I can see the developer's wanted to make this part feel rushed and anxious like with the rising water, but to the player it was downright annoying with the repeated sounds; especially since the player very likely had to play this one several times to get it right.

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