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Arrow Achilles' TSL Padawan Robe Templates For Photoshop

Edit tk102: For those of you with Adobe Photoshop who would like to start re-skinning TSL Jedi robes, Achilles has given you a great head start with these .psd files. You will also need to download svösh's "K2 male / female Master + padawan robes model + UV fix" from his website to get the inner collar area to appear properly.
Original thread

This is not an actual mod, rather Photoshop files ("templates") that can be used in conjuntion with Svosh's remapped robe models to make mods. These skins will not work (well) without the aforementioned models.

Download from PCGameMods

From the readme:

New Padawan Robe Skins by Achilles


*Author's Notes*


A huge thanks goes out to Svosh for his recent release of the remapped Jedi Robes for SWKotORII:TSL (more info can be found at As a result of his efforts, some new opportunities exist for those of us that didn't particularly care for the silly neckline that the default robes have.

For those of you who are familiar with my Robe Mod for TSL, you know that I'm not a big fan of the Knight/Master robe model. As such, I haven't put any effort into reskinning those textures, but I have played around with the Padawan texture. To save others some time and effort, I am sharing my robe template with those who are interested.

Each template (.psd) is broken down into multiple layers and destaturated for quick and easy recoloring. Please feel free to use these for your mods, however I do ask that Svosh and I both get our due credit if you publish a mod using these skins. Please do not post these files elsewhere (this means you Kotorfiles).




Male -
Female -

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