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I voted for Jolee. He's funny and a good fighter.

HK is funny, but his combat effectiveness is rather low. Not enough feats.

Juhani WAS annoying. I felt that her story was so incomplete and her bugged quest never got fixed.

Bastilla. A chick with a british accent. Nothing turns me on more.

So Bastila, you're from England eh?

Carth was cool. He was annoying at times, but I kinda liked him. He was good looking.

T3 was useful on Manaan and Taris. He was worthless everywhere else and there was no interaction with him.

Mission was cool. She'll make an excellent Twi'lek slave.

Zaalbar is kinda boring. A pragmatic Wookiee isn't that fun. Chewbacca is so much cooler and I wished they made Wookiees better with rifles.

Canderous is awesome. nuff said. -A friend of mine and an aspiring filmmaker.
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