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Oh craps'
oh crap, there are no fit birds on this forum anymore

oh crap, i cant see drmccoy, his links dont work on crappy IE (i wont explain why im using that...> ) ..... >

oh crap, now i have to quote halfway through a post

oh crap, why did i put "oh crap" before these scentences if its already a heading?!

oh crap, there i go again
Originally posted by Brighteyes

Fealiks: Hyper child
ahem, only in class...(its the bloody polos' i tell you) and im only 4 months away from being a teenager instead of a "child"...

Originally posted by Brighteyes
Damn you! All those fine ladies over there!
too right :'(


Ray: stern father. who farts alot.
Skinkie: blonde hair (duno why)
DrMcCoy: This page cannot be displayed...
Das mole: Green and red teenager standing next to a poster of Gwen Stefani
Toenail: a foot
Yufster: if i could have been arsed to look at previous picture threads i'd know! (but aside from that, and from what people say, fit)
Kj°len: tall, longish hair, RED lips (maybe holding vasoline next to his lips..? )
Metal: hooded guy who still thinks its christmas
Darth: Short, Black gelled hair, and cool little strip goatee thing; with a suit.
Sivy: Shaggy!
Larz: tall blonde hair blue eyes, in a t-shirt and jeans... for some reason...

ok.... why did i do the same as you...?
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