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Okay, heres my View, Coolest at top:

Juhani - Her Accent and the whole way she looks make her the supreme coolest. (ON MY LIST)

Jolee - Just a good Laugh, doesnt really care for Light or Dark side. but not better than Juhani!!

HK-47 - Loved having him in my party Good or Bad, hes still an excellent droid!

Carth Moans too much, Republic this, Revan That

Bastila - Shes too head-strong, but she does have a lot of uses, shes a Jedi with a lot of knowledge.

Canderous - Too Darkside for my liking, he likes Destruction too much.

Mission - Too Young, Too stupid. but i do like Twi'Leks so shes not arse end of the chart.

Zaalbar - To be honest too much like Chewbacca, i'm not a fan of him. and i never will.

T3-M4 - as i said before, this droid, is absolutly USELESS without the modders of the Holowan Forums.



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