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Yeah I know what u mean weiderudare, but two sentence are good enough for me in my RPGs. Also, I corrected many things in the RPG, I kept saying Tatooine for some reason, maybe it was because I was watching Episode I at the time. Anyways, I fixed those and I'm half-way done reading the RPG. Once I'm done reading, I'll post. Just remember a Jedi can't feel a droid.

Also, I'm also introducing Super Elite Destroyer Droids, their shields can resist everything, including lightsabers and they have everything a Elite Destroyer Droid has. Don't worry, there are only like 20 of them because they are quite expensive. Here's a hint to destroying them, try to catch them off guard (same thing goes for any Destroyer Droid), but once they see your character...RUN! Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi ran from two regular Destroyer Droids, so obviously our characters can't take them on as well. In Episode II, I think the Destroyer Droids there couldn't even generate shields, so that's why they got beaten rather easily, but all Destroyer Droids in this RPG generate shields.

I'm also changing the type of armor Destroyer Droids have, they have improved armor of course, but it can't resist the Force. Only Elite Destroyer Droids and Super Elite Destroyer Droids have armor that can resist the Force.

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