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hey, Sivy you look pretty cool! and... normal!

im just gonna explain what i look like, since i cant be arsed to post a photo .... ::

height: about 5 ft
build: medium, sort of not extremely fat, but no WAY thin
hair: black, short wavy (THAt gets annoying, coz when its wet its sort of curly)
eyes: blue - gray


Teeth: straight but k-9's are bit pointy. the natural colour seems to be like, dark white sort of... :/
nose: not big not small, actualy quite flat bridged considering...
mouth: er... quite red lips (not like K-Jo, tho they are fairly red)
eyebrows: ok, this is just too detailed now...
pupils: no really this IS too detailed

im nearly thirteen and usually wear Rocha. John Rocha or Red Herring clothes.. (well, thats a lie, but thats what im wearing now)

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