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Here's a description of what I look like, you SUCKAS.

Height: Eh, like 5'9" or 5'10" -ish
Weight: Maybe...160? 165?
Hair: Really really dark brown, almost to the point of blackness...but not jet black. Straight/ dad's Asian and has straight black hair and my mom's white and has/had curly blonde hair. You do the math Actually...if my hair's wet it's curly-esque, but when my hair's dry it's rather straight. I hate it when my hair gets too long, it's usually like an inch-inch and a half on top, and shorter on the sides and back. I try to make my hair look wet all day by putting hairspray on it, not in it. I never use gel b/c I hate it; it makes my hair crunchy and it feels absolutely disgusting. I can't stand gel.
Eyes: Brown
Nose: Eh, regular. I feel like my pores are huge, but they're not really. I don't have a hooked nose or nothin
Mouth: My lips get dry from time to time, especially in the winter, ugh, but otherwise they're voluptuous
Skin: Well, when I do a lot of outside stuff, like in the summer, I get an awesome tan. Otherwise, it's more of a...not really pale, but like...fair. *Shrug* Oh yeah, and I have great complexion.
Sexxiness: Extreme
Clothes: I really don't like denim...unless it's jeans, which is OK, but only when it's cold...otherwise I usually wear like...cargos and stuff. And for shorts, definitely not jean shorts, and definitely not athletic shorts. Shirts...I dunno. T-Shirts, I'll wear button-up/dress shirts w/a t-shirt underneath...I don't really have a lot of clothes, but my b-day is coming up and I'm actually gonna get money and I'm definitely spending like half of it on new clothes, which I need desperately.

Yeah, that's it.
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