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"I heard there's nothing but trouble beneath the clouds." Zan-Cool said as he himself look down as well. "We should head back to Zil. He said that Roth might have ran into a Trade Federation. I know the way back." He took the lead in walking but stopped abruptily. "Before we go, let me contact the others to see how they are going online with the investigation." Zan-Cool took out his commlink and spoke thru it. "How's the investigation going along?" Zan-Cool waited for a reply but didn't get any, he tried again. "How's the investigation going along?" No reply was send back to Zan-Cool. He look from the commlink to Alyssa, Riebe, Rustic, even to Zamar and his master. "Anyone there? How's the investigation going along?" Nothing came out of the commlink.

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