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Originally posted by Jan Gaarni
If that's true then they must have changed the policy in recent years and bumped down the script, movie novels and radio drama's into what we in the past would have considered to be EU.

On the other hand, that would mean everything is canon (except for fan fiction etc...), divided into 2 catagories (G and C levels). I have no trouble with this, it means that if it's G-level or C-level it's part of Star Wars and cannot be disregarded no matter what anyone personally think. But it does make it harder to argue what is correct and what is not. The star destroyer dome issue for instance comes to mind.

Personally though, I've stopped caring as passionatly anymore.

Whatever they decide what is what I'll wait and see and then relearn Star Wars from scratch.
What is the point of "canon" in a fictional franchise anyway? Theoretically if you were going to do some kind of "Vs." debate it would make sense, but in a practical sense it's for continuity-sake.

That is, when a new official book, game, or cartoon comes out, the writers are supposed to go "Oh, we can't do X and Y, because it's previously been established that... etc" Or "we have to make sure we mention A and B, in our new source, because they are part of the story already established..."

The trouble is that Lucas basically changes things whenever it suites him (modifying old movies, releasing new ones, although he's done once ROTS hits DVD, at least in terms of brand new films) and the liscensed authors just have to retcon things as best they can.

Yes, everything official (ie: liscensed... so fan fiction/films are excluded) is "canon" EXCEPT for stuff like Infinities and the first 20 issues of "Star Wars Tales."

And the levels of canon are for determining what source "wins" if there is a contradiction. This isn't always perfect though since if there are contradictions on the same level (like say in the movies) then you just have to leave it to the Holocron to figure it out.

I wouldn't say that the Radio Dramas, Screenplays and Novelisations of the films are now "EU." Only the parts of them that depict events that aren't in the films (like the new history of the Sith) would be "expanded material" logically. But as a whole that source would still be higher level of "authority" than say, some comic book in C-Level.

On the other hand it's been pointed out that you don't de-canonize entire sources because of one contradiction, only the part that contradicts. But without an official retcon, it's anyone's guess how it's resolved.

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