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Let's talk about music. Not the music we listen to, but just in general what music means to us. I had a deep discussion with my friend about it, but I can't quite remember what was said, but we came to a conclusion that what music means to people has seems to change generationally.

The new System of a Down album came out on Tuesday, and though they're not my favorite band, the way I feel about them is unlike my feelings for any other band. I hate singing along to music and I hate people to sing along to music, but on the way home today, my friends and I in the car were all singing along very loudly to Lost in Hollywood. And despite all the segregation in musical opinion, it seems to get fans of every genre to love them. There are some people I thought I'd never agree with musically that likes System of a Down as much as I do. My mother, a huge SOAD fan, says that the music brings back an excitement to her that she says hasn't gotten since Simon and Garfunkel. Though I cannot get as lost in the music as I can with other bands, and though I definitely wouldn't consider SOAD to be nearly as talented instrumentally as a lot of the bands I listen to, still their music brings out emotions in me no other bands do.

That's just my example. All of my friends listen to music, but they all listen to music for different reasons. What's your reason?

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